Proposed Revisions to the Program Implementation Manual

(Originally posted 10/2/20; Updated 11/4/20)

OPUC Staff is requesting, by October 13, 2020, stakeholder feedback on proposed revisions to the Community Solar Program (CSP) Program Implementation Manual (PIM). 


The PIM is an outward-facing document that explains program participation requirements for Project Managers and Participants. The PIM is necessarily subject to revisions over time as new issues arise and are resolved throughout program implementation. The PIM was last updated on December 23, 2019. The Program Administration Team is now recommending another PIM update to memorialize decisions made during the past nine months of program implementation, as well as to correct and clarify existing language in the PIM. The program is seeking public comment on the proposed PIM revisions. For your review, the proposed revisions appear as redlines in the version of the PIM linked below. The revisions are summarized on page 2 of the document:

Proposed Revisions to the PIM

Next steps 

Staff requests that stakeholders email comments on the proposed PIM revisions to the following two email addresses no later than October 13, 2020. All stakeholder comments will be posted to the CSP website. 

[email protected] 
[email protected]

The PIM revisions will be presented to the Commission for approval as early as the November 3, 2020, public meeting.

10/21/20 Update:

Stakeholder feedback submitted in response to Program Implementation Manual Revisions

The Program Administrator’s proposed changes to the Program Implementation Manual Revisions was posted to the UM 1930 Docket on 9/29/2020. The Program Administrator requested stakeholders to provide comments and feedback to the proposed revisions. Below are the comments submitted by the following stakeholders

11/4/20 Update: 

Updated Program Implementation Manual Released

The Program Administrator requested stakeholders to provide comments and feedback to proposed changes to the Program Implementation Manual revisions. After considering all posted comments and feedback the Program Administrator has revised the Program Implementation Manual accordingly. The updated version of the manual is posted here.

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