Program History

The program was established by the Oregon Legislature, spearheaded by the Oregon Public Utility Commission rules through UM 1930, and administered in partnership with Energy Solutions, Energy Trust of Oregon and Community Energy Project. The goal of the Oregon Community Solar Program is to expand the state’s renewable energy portfolio and make solar energy available to customers across the state who previously did not have access.

To help reach this goal, the program offers additional benefits to low-income participants who may be eligible for reduced subscription prices. The program’s low-income facilitator, Community Energy Project, is available to assist low-income subscribers and communities.

Service Territory

Participating Utilities

This program is supported by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, and Idaho Power. You must be an electric customer of one of these utilities in order to participate in the program.

Program Administrators

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions was founded in 1995 because we were searching for a new approach to making meaningful strides in environmental protection. Since the beginning, we set our focus on developing pragmatic strategies that make significant, large-scale impacts. We work with utility, government, and commercial customers to implement market-based, cost-effective energy, carbon, and water management solutions.

With offices in California, New York, Boston, and Detroit, our team of 200+ employee-owners are committed to delivering innovative, effective, and reliable clean energy services.

Community Energy Project

Founded in 1979, Community Energy Project believes that everyone deserves a safe, healthy, efficient home regardless of income. We deliver our mission by providing education, hands-on training, and relevant supplies. We also provide direct weatherization, energy upgrades and repairs for seniors and people with disabilities.

We deliver these services in partnership with community and service organizations, utilities, corporations, foundations, and government agencies.

Energy Trust of Oregon

An independent nonprofit organization, Energy Trust is dedicated to helping 1.6 million utility customers in Oregon and Southwest Washington save energy and generate renewable power. We provide comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, and our success is measured in kilowatt hours of electricity saved or produced with renewable energy, therms of natural gas saved and efficient and effective delivery of services to utility customers.

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