Solar for everyone.

No sunny roof required.

Ready to go solar?

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is solar energy generated from a central location and shared by multiple subscribers. That means you don’t need your own rooftop panels to get the benefits of solar. If you’re a customer of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power or Idaho Power, you can subscribe to a community solar project and receive credits back on your utility bill.*

*Most customers are eligible, including renters, businesses and nonprofits. See our FAQs for details.

How Community Solar Works

Subscriptions for People with Low Incomes

The Oregon Community Solar Program offers discounted rates and other benefits for utility customers with low incomes. Find out if you qualify.

Note: This tool assumes 5% net savings through a general market subscription, but savings are not guaranteed except for qualifying low-income customers. Your energy savings and monthly fees and credits will vary based on the project you choose. Talk to a subscription manager for a more detailed custom estimate.

For media inquiries, please contact Amanda Thompson at 503.548.1598 or [email protected].

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