What is Community Solar?

The Oregon Community Solar Program makes it easy for customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Idaho Power to access the benefits of solar power. By connecting individuals, businesses, organizations, communities and developers, Community Solar provides the tools and support to develop solar projects and expand access to clean energy to more communities across Oregon.

Customers can subscribe to a Community Solar Project and get a credit on their utility bill for their portion of the energy generated by the project. It is an easy and low-risk way for customers to get the advantages of solar energy—even if you don’t have a sunny roof or you rent or live in an urban center or rural community.

Downloadable Resources

Program Flyer
Low-Income Participant Flyer
Program Brochure

Annual Reports

Each year, the Program Administrator creates an annual report for the Oregon Public Utility Commission to highlight Program activities from the previous year:  
Annual Report: Program Year 1 (2019–2020)
Annual Report: Program Year 2 (2020–2021)
Annual Report: Program Year 3 (2021–2022)

What are the benefits of a Community Solar subscription?

It's good for the planet.

When you subscribe to a community solar project, you help generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and contributes to a more sustainable electric grid.

It's accessible.

Community solar is a great option for renters and other customers who want to use clean energy but may not have an ideal roof or the ability to invest in a rooftop system. As long as you're a PGE, Pacific Power, or Idaho Power customer in Oregon, you can generate solar energy, wherever you live.

It's affordable.

You can choose from a variety of projects that suit your needs. Plus, low-income participants have no upfront costs or termination fees and can still get the benefits of rooftop solar.

It's local.

By subscribing, you are investing in projects right here in Oregon in your utility territory. Solar projects can be developed by anyone, including neighborhood businesses, schools, churches, homeowners' associations, and more, so you’re supporting local clean energy jobs.

How can it help me?

In addition to fighting climate change, your subscription to a community solar project can pay for itself with valuable credits on your electricity bill which can lower your annual energy costs.

How do I subscribe?

Visit our Getting Started page for helpful information on how to subscribe to community solar and connect to projects available to you.

Interested in developing or managing a project? Learn more about becoming a project manager.

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