Staff Proposal Adopted—September 21, 2021.

Hello Oregon Community Solar Stakeholders,

On September 21, 2021, the Oregon Public Utility Commission staff approved a proposal expanding the Oregon Community Solar Program.


July 16, 2021Staff publish draft proposal for public comment
July 30, 2021Written public comment on draft proposal due
Aug. 26, 2021Special Public Meeting for Commissioners to discuss draft proposal and hear oral comments from stakeholders
Sep. 16, 2021 Staff published final proposal for Commission decision
Sep. 21, 2021Commission decisions approves Staff proposal and expands the Program

The Commission approved the six major policy decisions:

  1. Open the 79 MW remaining in the initial capacity tier to new projects in Portland General Electric (PGE) and Pacific Power (PAC) territory. 
  2. Require a minimum of 50 percent of a project’s capacity be allocated to residential customers, inclusive of the minimum 10 percent allocated to low-income residential customers. 
  3. Require a Project Manager’s subscription fee for low-income participants be set at least 40 percent below the bill credit rate. 
  4. Set the residential bill credit rate for 2022 equal to the 2021 bill credit rate currently in effect and set the non-residential bill credit rate for 2022 at 90 percent of the residential bill credit rate. 
  5. Add a two percent escalation rate to the PGE and PAC residential and nonresidential bill credit rates beginning after 2022.  
  6. Carve out 25 percent of the remaining capacity for exclusive use by community-based projects, to be defined in the PIM, and apply policies adopted herein to any carve-out capacity from the interim capacity tier not yet allocated to pre-certified projects. 

    Associated revisions to the Program Implementation Manual (PIM) and the CSP rules are forthcoming. Stakeholders will be notified when the redlined PIM is available for review and comments.  

Staff contacts:
Joe Abraham, [email protected], 503-428-0699.

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