Project Information:

Jim and Salle's Place Apartments

Project partners have scoped and organized funding to support 48.3 kW of community solar capacity on the Jim and Salle’s Place Apartments. The project will be one of the first of its kind to utilize US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program funding for a shared solar project. The onsite community solar project will be able to utilize the state community solar program to provide bill credits directly to the tenants, reducing their annual electricity expenses by up to $220/year. The Jim and Salle’s Place Apartments offer affordable housing for low-income residents of southeast Portland. Residents of the apartment complex will be able to subscribe to the community solar project and will receive monthly bill credits.

Customers may only participate in a project that is located in their utility's service area.



The project size affects how many customer subscriptions a project can have and how big each subscription size per customer can be. An average residential subscription size is around 4 kW.

Project Size:



There are slight bill credit differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects but the overall savings are usually similar. In Tier 2 projects, both bill credits and most subscription fees will escalate on an annual basis, while these stay flat for Tier 1 projects.

Project Tier:

Based on the bill credit rates listed for a residential subscription to this project, current administration fee levels, and 8,000 kWh of annual generation. For a more customized estimate of your bill impacts, contact the Project Manager or Subscription Manager of this project.

Average Savings:

Based on rates for a typical residential customer subscription (Jim and Salle’s Low Income Subscription)

All projects include administration fees, but some project managers may fold them in the subscription rate. Others are applied to customer bills separately. Low income subscribers are not subject to administration fees.

Administration fees included in subscription rate?


If a project is accepting participants, it has room to accept new residential and commercial customers and is currently enrolling new subscribers.

Accepting Participants:

Recruiting low-income?: Full

This project is not currently enrolling new participants. Please check back later or browse our other certified projects.

Community Solar Project Information

Project Name: Jim and Salle’s Place Apartments
Project Address(es):
7531-7629 SE Steele Street
Portland, OR 97206
Capacity (kW-AC): 40
Utility Service Area: Portland General Electric
Special Project Designation: N/A
Estimated Operational Date: Operational

The date at which the project is expected to begin generating electricity.

Project Manager Information

Reach out to the Subscription Manager to sign up for the project or for support with project-specific questions.

Project Manager (PM) Name: ROSE Community Development
PM Address:
5215 SE Duke St
Portland, OR 97206

Subscription Manager 

Some Project Managers may enlist the help of a Subscription Manager, a third party who manages subscription enrollment and management. Project Managers may also be Subscription Managers themselves. Your primary contact for questions or communications regarding your subscription will be with the Subscription Manager.

: ROSE Community Development
Subscription Manager Phone Number: 503-788-8052

Subscription Manager Email: 

Enroll at: 

Subscription Options

Pricing Option Eligible Customers Participation Type Bill Credit Value Subscription Cost First-Year Savings*
Jim and Salle's Low Income Subscription
Low Income

Additional terms are below. Note that additional non-recurring Project Manager-specific fees or penalties may apply. For a description and example of the penalties that may be included in a subscription contract, visit our Project Manager Fees & Penalties subscriber resource.

Low-income subscribers are not subject to administration or Project Manager fees. For more information about low-income customer subscriptions, and to see if you qualify, visit our Low-Income Subscriptions page.

Jim and Salle's Low Income Subscription
•  Participants receive bill credits for subscribed generation, stable for the duration of the contract.
•  Subscription fee is stable and paid for the duration of the contract.
•  Expected First-Year Savings*: A participant with a typical residential subscription size is expected to save roughly (N/A) in the first year
•  For every kilowatt of capacity subscribed, a participant is expected to receive bill credits from 1,298 kWh of generation per year. This value is an estimate and will depend on actual system production.
•  Subscription Size Limits: Minimum: 2 kW; Maximum: 4 kW
•  Contract Term: 20 years

*Savings estimates are based on the bill credit rates listed, current administrative fee levels, and 8,000 kWh of annual generation. Dollar savings reflect an estimate of net customer bill savings from participation.

Administration Fees

Administration fees included in subscription rate?: No

All subscriptions are subject to administration fees based on subscription size. Current fee levels are listed on our Understanding Your Bill page. Low-income participants are exempt from administration fees.

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