Oregon Community Solar Program Interconnection Queue Update

The Oregon Community Solar Program (CSP) interconnection implementation plans and OPUC Staff Report will be discussed at the Oregon Public Utility Commission’s Special Public Meeting on January 16, 2020. Please see meeting details here.

The OPUC Staff Report and the utility implementation plans detail the near-term implementation of the six interconnection recommendations that were adopted by the Commission in early November, including the establishment of a separate CSP interconnection queue. Generators with an existing position in the traditional serial queue may transition to the CSP interconnection queue between January 20 and January 31, 2020 and new generators may apply beginning February 3, 2020. The full Staff Report can be accessed here. Please note that interconnection requirements are subject to change based on the outcome of the Special Public Meeting and approval of the utilities’ interconnection tariffs at the February 25, 2020 Public Meeting.

As a reminder, projects that do not qualify for the designated project carve-out must complete a System Impact Study or pass a Fast Track screening process with their utility prior to applying for pre-certification on January 21, 2020. Projects that qualify for the carve-out must only provide documentation that they have paid the required interconnection study deposit.

Additionally, the Request for Information (RFI) for third-party interconnection review services is now available and responses are due no later than February 11, 2020. Potential bidders may register here and login to search for the RFI # PUC-1036-20.

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