Aligning Your Bill Cycle with Solar Credits & Fees


As a subscriber with a community solar project, you will receive solar credits and subscription fees on your electricity bill throughout the year. In most cases, you can expect to receive bill credits and fees consistently on each month’s bill. However, depending on the date(s) when you receive your existing electricity bill, you may experience some solar billing inconsistencies. Specifically, there may be months when you receive no bill credits and fees and instead receive bill credits and fees for two-months’ worth of solar production on the next month’s bill.

This resource explains how to identify if your current billing date is likely to experience solar billing inconsistencies and explains how to change your billing cycle if you would like to see your community solar credits and fees on a more predictable, monthly basis.

Please note that there is no requirement to change your billing cycle in order to participate in the community solar program. The steps below are optional.

Identifying Impact Based on Billing Due Dates

Your current billing due date determines when you receive your monthly bill (also known as the billing cycle). In order to change the billing cycle, you can select a new due date, otherwise known as a “preferred due date.”

Portland General Electric

The following utility bill due dates are likely be impacted by this irregular schedule:

  • 23rd of the month
  • 24th of the month
  • 25th of the month
  • 26th of the month
  • 27th of the month
  • 28th of the month

Pacific Power

If your typical billing statement dates fall within this range, then it will be impacted by this irregular schedule:

  • 5th of the month
  • 6th of the month
  • 7th of the month
  • 8th of the month

Idaho Power

The following bill cycles are likely to be impacted by this irregular schedule:

  • Bill cycle 5
  • Bill cycle 6
  • Bill cycle 7

If your typical due date falls within the above date range, you may experience solar billing inconsistencies. Follow the steps below for your utility to align your bill cycle with your solar credits and fees.

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